With all this uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we sometimes may get confusing signals from different sources regarding the restrictions for chiropractic practices. A rule of thumb in a situation like this is to stick with the official sources as the government continues to adopt new measures.

In a recent press release on the COVID-19 measures, the officials prioritized the following activities: 

General Information

So far, what we’ve got is mostly standards safety procedures consistent with the COVID-19 response measures across the country. Chiropractors are not subject to closures and allowed to continue their practice, although they have to abide by certain rules and restrictions. 


The COVID-19 restrictions for chiropractors can be split into 2 categories:

  1. restrictions for doctors/offices
  2. restrictions for patients

Let’s go through each of them quickly.

Restrictions for doctors/offices

As per the latest recommendations from CCO, the following procedures and preventive measures have to put in place:

  • Active screening
  • Passive screening
  • Keeping a register for contact tracing
  • Physical distancing, use of personal protective equipment, cleaning, and disinfection (for in-person appointments)
  • Monitoring your staff for symptoms

Restrictions for patients

First and foremost, all patients who are currently sick, or experiencing symptoms such as fever, trouble breathing, coughing, and loss of appetite are encouraged not to visit their chiropractor. Even if it’s just a cold, you should get yourself tested and avoid going out in public until the symptoms subside.

The same holds true for anyone who has travelled outside of Ontario within the last 14 days and/or been diagnosed with COVID-19. In this case, you should notify your chiropractor and cancel your visit.

If you exhibit no symptoms, you may make that appointment. However, when inside a chiropractor’s office, every patient must wear a mask and use hand sanitizing. You may also be asked to take your temperature before entering.

Latest Updates

As of Nov 24, 2020, here are the most important news and updates:

➔  Nov. 20, 2020 - the Ontario Government ordered a lockdown of Toronto and Peel regions and raised the restrictions of other areas in Ontario. At this time, in accordance with Ontario Regulation 654/20 Section 53, regulated health professionals may continue to operate in these regions, consistent with the guidelines for the health sector. (source)

➔ Oct. 26, 2020 - Canada Emergency Business Account now open to businesses using personal banking accounts (source). To be eligible, you had to be operating as a business as of March 1, 2020, must successfully open a business account at a Canadian financial institution that is participating in CEBA, and meet the other existing CEBA eligibility criteria.

➔ Oct. 20, 2020 - Minister Ng announces support for small businesses (source). The Canada United Small Business Relief Fund will be supporting Canadian businesses across different sectors and industries with grants of up to $5,000.

➔ Oct. 19, 2020 - The CMCC has updated its mobile app adding a new layer of protection combining the Ontario online self-assessment plus a self-declaration (source).

➔ Oct. 15, 2020 - In his most recent message, CCO director Dr. Dennis Mizel addressed the issue of following the standards of practice, guidelines, and policies relating to advertising, websites, and the use of social media (source).

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